Friday, August 9, 2013

summer reading

I am currently recovering from a bad cold that I had for few days and only magazines and books kept me company in my comfy bed. This moment I am reading a book titled She´s come undone by Wally Lamb which is a really interesting and easy book. next on my list of reading material is The portrait of a lady by Henry James. I went to a library in Milwaukee where they had books for 50 cents, so that was really a bargain. The third book that I would really like to get my hands on is  the new book from a beautiful mess girls about photography. The book isn´t about professional photography but more amateur and that is exactly what interests me, plus they have a amazing taste for designing. The only thing that kept me going through my cold was the thought that tomorrow I´m going to Chicago for a day which is really exciting. I can´t wait! What is on your summer reading list?



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