Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Planter`s cosmetics

New cosmetic brand in Slovenia, called Planter`s, is worth the hype. I tried their Repairing cream Natural & Young and I recommend it to everyone. It suits all skin types and you can use it on your face-hands-body as a moisturizer. One thing that caught my attention is that it is totally natural and not tested on animals! It is made out of rice oil, linseed oil, karate butter, aloe vera, almond oil,... I think natural oils are one of the best ingredients to have in your skincare, because they moist your skin and regenerate it without having to add alcohol, paraben, silicone to get the desired effects. What really got me excited is the texture of the crème and the felling when you are applying it. It is similar to body butter but actually totally different, it just melts on your skin and sinks in well. My skin was left felling moist and nourished, I could smell the scent of the crème for a while. I will definitely check out more of Planter´s products. if you are not convinced to try the creme yet, see how amazingly stylish the crème pots are, on Planter´s homepage you  can find different designs, they also have a christmas edition of the pots that I´m thinking of ordering for my Christmas gifts.

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