Monday, October 7, 2013

Chocolate-apple cake

- 250 g of apples
- 250 g of sugar
- 6 eggs
- 15 g cocoa powder
- 80 g of wheat meal
- 120 g of ground almonds
- 300g dark chocolate
- 1 to 1,5 dl oil
- 60 g of apricot jam
- 50 g of sliced almonds

Baking time:

Firstly peel the apples and then grate them. In one bowl mix egg yolks and half of sugar until it is foamy/creamy, add cocoa, wheat, ground almonds and grated apples. We slowly add before mixed and hardend egg whites with the rest half of sugar. Pour the whole mixture into a baking pan and bake at 185 celsius, approximately 45 min. After the dough is baked just cover it with apricot jam and cool it down. In the meantime melt the chocolate and add oil. Pour this chocolate frosting over the cake and sprinkle it with sliced almonds, wait until the frosting is done melting and serve it.

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