Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cookie monster

You Will Need:
200g butter
300g caster sugar
1 large egg
275g self-raising flour
75g cocoa powder
A little dash of milk 
A large bar of white
Mint chocolate
Marzipan chocolate
Set your oven to 200 degrees celsius. Then whizz together your butter and sugar until it's a smooth consistency  Next you need to crack in your egg. Then just put in all your dry ingredients and blend together. If your mixture is too dry, add a tiny bit of milk.  And don't forget the chocolate! It gives the cookies a better and sweeter taste. For five cookies I used the mint chocolate and for the other five I used the marzipan chocolate. I am a sucker for everything mint or marzipan. Once you've mixed the chocolate in, line 2 trays with baking paper or foil and then prepare to get messy! Use your hands to separate the mixture into 10 big chunks. Now pop your trays in the oven for 11 minutes. When you get them out they Will be still soft and look half baked. It is important to take them out of the oven. Once you let them cool they will stiffen and the chocolate in them will still be melted.

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