Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Plan a picnic

1. wooden deck of cards
2. vintage cutlery
3. watermelon slices
4. picnic basket
5. cozy pillows
6. sandwiches
7. drinks
8. wooden plates
9. tomato salad

When planning a picnic it is important to have a check-list, on which you can tick the boxes that you already got done! My check-list looks a bit like this:
1. Games
Before the basket and the food, I like to think about the picnic games. I enjoy playing with a deck of cards especcially games like Tarok or Rummy. Listening to good music is a must, so make your picnic playlist and get some outdoor stereos.
2. Serving
This step includes a picnic basket and all the props for a good picnic. From cutlery to plates. People  will enjoy themselves if they feel like you've put an effort!
3. Setting
When you decide on the props, it is time to pick a theme or at least the setting of your picnic. Don't forget pillows, where people can sit and be comfortable.
4. Food & drinks
Sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches,..., fruit and something sweet is all I have to say. Cool drinks are always welcome!
5. Good company
Invite your favourite crowd of people and have fun.

What are your picnic must-haves?


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