Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New In

Recently I have been travelling and usually when I travel I buy my cosmetics. Just beacuse there is much more on offer there, then in Slovenia. 
Skincare buys:

The body shop's Vitamine E cream exfoliator 
I have heard wonderfull things about this product and can't wait to start using it. As we knew exfoliation of your skin is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine and it is a step that shouldn't be skipped. The exfoliator contains small jojoba beads, that help to gently exfoliate your skin. The cream is not harsh on your skin and gets rid of all your dead skin cells and dirt. It is recommended twice a week, just beacuse to much exfoliation can cause your skin to dry out.
The Body shop's Camomille cleansing butter
This is something totally new to me and the fact that I will be using a butter to cleanse my face is quite intriguing. As my research, on how to use this product, shows that you are supposed to mix with water and then the "butter" melts into some kind of water milk.(hahaha quite a funny explanation), I'm actually liking the whole concept. The smell is really fresh and not in your face or should I say nose?
The body shop's Papaya body butter
I'm addicted to body shop's body butter, just beacuse I fell like my skin is always dry and needs to be pampered everyday of the week. Papaya smell is just a cherry on top!
Labello coconut lip butter
When it comes to winter and autumn my lips get drier then in summer time. I guess that is normal. So when it comes to lip products I am always on the look out for a cool new product. Coconut butter sounds just about right. Smooth and nurturing formula and the smell of coconut that will remind me of summer days and help me bare the cold winter months that are fast approaching.
Make-up stuff:
Nyx's butter gloss in the shade Tiramisu
When it comes to make-up I have been always looking for the perfect red lip or an awesome bright eyeshadow that will spark up my make-up collection. But for the past couple of months I have been going back to basics and searching for those nude coloured products that are as important as having a white T-shirt in your wardrobe (says the girl that is currently lacking one). I needed a new gloss in the nude colour and nyx's butter gloss in Tiramisu was calling my name as I was strolling on the streets of Munich.
Nyx's jumbo eye pencil in the shade Iced Mocha
I have found my love for Nyx's jumbo pencils with their Youghurt shade already, so whilst splurging on a brand new butter gloss, a new Iced mocha shade purchasae was bound to happen.
Mac's lipstick in the shade Shy girl
Mac's lipsticks are probably one of the most talked about lipsticks in the beauty world and even though I was planning on going for a Petiserie shade, I changed my mind and picked up Shy girl. I'm really not regreting it!
Nyx's Hd eye shadow base
Having a good primer is a really nice investment, since it will take care of your eye make-up throughout the whole day.
Mac's 217 brush 
Do I even have to say anything else, then just A FREAKING 217 BRUSH?!? I bow to the mac people that invented this masterpiece, it is just like nothing else.


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