Monday, January 26, 2015

Life hacks: looking back, looking forward,...

I am a planner! I love lists, planning and scheduling, but the fact is I am not as organized as anyone would think. Each year I make small plans that sometimes turn out to be bigger as they seem. I always have a career goal, on the back of my mind, that has to be, in some way, achieved. I was always really in doubt about my career path and my interests, but things changed after I finished high school. I have allowed myself to finally let go of bad thoughts and fear of what other people thought of me (not me physically but more of my actions).

I started doing and still do, things that make me happy. Things that make me better as a person and most importantly things from which I can grow! Whenever I think about doing something now, I always think about what I will gain from it. My time has never been spent feeling more productive and/or satysfing before! That is why for the past years I have traveled a lot, read a lot of books, been an au pair in U.S. and Germany, gained a bunch of skills, started writing a blog and through that I have found what I want to do.

I have always toyed with the idea of moving abroad and pursuing my dreams somewhere, where they can be fulfiled better as in Slovenia (sadly, but not really). Due to my parents moving to Germany and my love of England, I have always thougth that one of this countries would be a place where I would take my first leap of "faith" (tha sounds so cliche). But one summer ago after I came home, from my two months in Milwaukee and traveling, I have set a goal to visit my aunt in Canada at least for a week. That was my goal before I knew, that me and my best friend will start to plan a trip to Asia. So "the Asia plan" moved to the front line of my plans. We did that, came back to Slovenia inspired from all our conversations (90% of our conversation is about our future plans and supporting each other) and experiences, both with our own goals in mind. For me it was visiting Canada.

You probably don't know that I was born there, so Canada for me always stood for something more than just a place to visit. I don't know why exactly but when I was a kid it always had a special place in my heart, even though I didn't know a thing about it. So what I have been wanting to share with the internet (if anyone is even reading this) is that after all the thinking, of visiting my aunt, I have actually decided to move there.

I AM MOVING TO CANADA! (there I've said it). This has been the idea for a couple of months now, but I don't like to say anyting, unless I am a 100% sure about and about the moving part I am sure now! I am moving there and at first I will probably stay at my aunt's (for a month or so) and then I will try to find a job, an internship or a college that I want to pursue (I have a couple of things in mind already and actually have some posibilities already, but nothing is for certain just yet!)

When, you ask? I don't have a date yet but sometime between the end of may and the beginning of september. First I have to finish my diplomma, graduate and then I am off. I am saving money already and looking for job oportunities there. I actually got my citizenship already and that makes a lot of things easier.

For the past few days I am having those moments where I am really excited but also really nervous and sad beacuse I will be living friends behind and Canada is not as close as Germany or England. But I know that everything will work out and hopefully I will have some more information about my move soon!

  Some steps need to be taken alone. It's the only way to really figure out where you need to be!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Natural everyday make-up

Products I used:
Urban Decay Naked palette: On the run
Revlon color burst stick
Bourjois healthy mix foundation
Revlon color stay corector
Have a nice day!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kiwi, banana and orange smoothie

I think I did only one post about smoothies and that was a loooong time ago. It was a drawing of a best healthy green smoothie. I am still trying to make a smoothie everyday, but of course I have days when I rather eat something else for breakfast. I usually opt for fruits or vegies that are easy to cut and prepare, so kiwis and oranges were never on my list of fruits to use, when making a smoothie. Until I recieved two things from mimovrste and they were a kiwi spoon and an orange peeler. At first I didn't really think that they would work, just beacuse I have already tried a bunch of plastic things, that were supposed to do the exact thing and failed at it. But this actually works! I know the design of them is quite advertisingly oriented but the fact is that they work. So now my smoothies also consist of kiwis and oranges and may I say the smoothies are deliscious. For this smoothie I mixed just oranges, kiwis  and a banana, if you want you can also add cubes of ice to make like a frozen sorbet but today was quite cold so I didn't use the ice.

What do you usually make your smoothies with?

*some of the items in this post have been sent to me as PR samples 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hand creams on test

I used to hate using hand creams. Until one of my friends pointed out how awful my hands look. So since then I have been on the hunt to find the one that is perfect for me. I use hand cream especially in winter months, when due to the weather my skin is more prone to dryness. It's never in a really bad stage but I still try to maintain it. I have searched for the greatest hand cream and picked my top five for this winter!

The Scented One: Cherry Blossom hand cream by L'Occitane
If you buy your hande cream for it's scent, then this cream is perfect for you. The scent of it is really nice, very floral (hence the title) and fresh. the consistency of the cream is more a liquid then a cream, but I like the fact that it isn't so sticky and hard for your skin to absorb.
The Classic One: Nivea creme
If you want a nice quality and trust the classics that have been on the market for ages then the Nivea cream is the right choice. It doesn't have any particular smell and it s really the most normal cream ever.
The Rich One: Nivea's smooth sensation
The cream for really dry hands is Nivea's smooth sensation. It's a rich cream and even though it is very moisturizing, the cream blends into the skin quite fast not as fast as I would want to but fast enough.
The Cheap One: Hand cream with sandalwood and patchouli
For how cheap it is this cream is actually really nurturing and if you like the smell of sandalwood and patchouli, this cream smells phenomenal.
The One and Only: Nivea's repair & care cream
The winner of them all for me is Nivea's Repair & Care cream. Which really surprised me, cause I though it is going to be really rich and that it would take a very long time to absorb. I can't deal with the leftover grease on my hands after applying a cream and this cream does'nt do that at all. 

Do you have any hand cream recommendations of your own?
Have a nice day!

*some of the items in this post have been sent to me as PR samples 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Marzipan, almond, banana cake


- 200g flour
- 1 package of baking powder
- 1 teaspoon cinnamon
- 140 ground almonds
- peel of 1 bio orange
- 175g marzipan
- 25ml almond liqueur - Amaretto
- 3 small bananas
- 175g butter
- 175g brown sugar
- 4 eggs
- 150g cream cheese
- salt
- 50 g powdered sugar


1.In one bowl combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon, almonds and orange peel.
2. In a smaller bowl grate the marzipan dough and mix in the almond liqueur until the mixture is combined.
3. Peel bananas and squash them with a fork..
4. With a mixer whisk together butter and brown sugar until the texture is creamy. Add in the marzipan mixture and the squashed banana. Mix again!
5. Preheat the oven to 160 °C.
6. Separate the eggs. Beat egg whites until it forms white stiff peaks. Add half of powdered sugar and salt.
7. Add egg yolks into the marzipan-banana mixture and also add the cream cheese. 
8.  Now add in half of the flour mixture that you did aa step one.
9. Continue with adding the whole egg white mixture and finish with adding the other half of the flour blend.
10. Spread the end blend into a cake pan (26 or 28 cm diameter) and bake for about 50 minutes.
11. Leave to cool down!
12. For presentation ditch the cake pan and switch it for a nice cake stand. Sprinkle the rest of powdered sugar on the cake and you are good to go!

If you want you can cut paper into stars and secure the areas where you want to have a pattern. like I did. Stars aren't necesseary. You can play around with different shapes and have some fun!

 Have a nice day

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New In

 urban decay naked palette-  on the go
 green apple body butter
green apple body scrub and body shower
my sister and her boyfriend got me the pineapple cutter for Christmas that I really wanted
Throughout the holidays I have gotten some cool new things, that I wanted to share with all of you. Most of them are beauty products, that I have really been wanting to buy for myself and then Santa was just so wise and got them for me :)
The first thing is the new Urban Decay palette On the go. It´s perfect for everyone who wants good quality make up and wishes to have all the key products selected in one case.
The sweater that I´m wearing, was knitted by my mum and was also one of the presents that I got. The small Santa earrings were my 14 year old brother´s gift and I love the fact that he went into a store and got them for me and my sister.
The Lóccitane hand cream was my friend´s gift for secret Santa and it smells wonderful, so thank you Špela!
You've probably all heard about Gone girl book already but I've finally got my hands on it.
The body shop things were my parents gift, cause they just know how much I like The body shop products.
And last but not least is the awesome pineapple cutter!
What is your favourite recent purchase?


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Life hacks: New year's resolutions

"Once a year go someplace you've never been before" Dalai Lama

I have finally come around writing 2015's New year's resolutions. Each year I try and try to do them all, I usually fail. Even though, I still enjoy figuring out, what I want to "half" achieve in the coming year. I'm excited for the 2015 and also quite scared for it, because I am planning on taking a leap and move somewhere. I am not going to say anything more, cause nothing is set in stone yet. I would like to announce it when I will be a 100% about it. Now I am probably at 20% :)
So, Nina stop blabing and tell them what your this year's resolutions are:

clean more often
do a book challenge
start a recipe journal
tweet better
stop worrying so damn much
buy less, keep track of money
print more photos
knit a sweater
master Google plus
watch more documentaries
learn to shoot analogue
learn to make coffee so good, you don't have to buy it
get out of town more
save money for creative life projects
learn to use lighting better
learn to love coriander

I wish you all an amazing year of 2015!
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