Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hand creams on test

I used to hate using hand creams. Until one of my friends pointed out how awful my hands look. So since then I have been on the hunt to find the one that is perfect for me. I use hand cream especially in winter months, when due to the weather my skin is more prone to dryness. It's never in a really bad stage but I still try to maintain it. I have searched for the greatest hand cream and picked my top five for this winter!

The Scented One: Cherry Blossom hand cream by L'Occitane
If you buy your hande cream for it's scent, then this cream is perfect for you. The scent of it is really nice, very floral (hence the title) and fresh. the consistency of the cream is more a liquid then a cream, but I like the fact that it isn't so sticky and hard for your skin to absorb.
The Classic One: Nivea creme
If you want a nice quality and trust the classics that have been on the market for ages then the Nivea cream is the right choice. It doesn't have any particular smell and it s really the most normal cream ever.
The Rich One: Nivea's smooth sensation
The cream for really dry hands is Nivea's smooth sensation. It's a rich cream and even though it is very moisturizing, the cream blends into the skin quite fast not as fast as I would want to but fast enough.
The Cheap One: Hand cream with sandalwood and patchouli
For how cheap it is this cream is actually really nurturing and if you like the smell of sandalwood and patchouli, this cream smells phenomenal.
The One and Only: Nivea's repair & care cream
The winner of them all for me is Nivea's Repair & Care cream. Which really surprised me, cause I though it is going to be really rich and that it would take a very long time to absorb. I can't deal with the leftover grease on my hands after applying a cream and this cream does'nt do that at all. 

Do you have any hand cream recommendations of your own?
Have a nice day!

*some of the items in this post have been sent to me as PR samples 


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