Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kiwi, banana and orange smoothie

I think I did only one post about smoothies and that was a loooong time ago. It was a drawing of a best healthy green smoothie. I am still trying to make a smoothie everyday, but of course I have days when I rather eat something else for breakfast. I usually opt for fruits or vegies that are easy to cut and prepare, so kiwis and oranges were never on my list of fruits to use, when making a smoothie. Until I recieved two things from mimovrste and they were a kiwi spoon and an orange peeler. At first I didn't really think that they would work, just beacuse I have already tried a bunch of plastic things, that were supposed to do the exact thing and failed at it. But this actually works! I know the design of them is quite advertisingly oriented but the fact is that they work. So now my smoothies also consist of kiwis and oranges and may I say the smoothies are deliscious. For this smoothie I mixed just oranges, kiwis  and a banana, if you want you can also add cubes of ice to make like a frozen sorbet but today was quite cold so I didn't use the ice.

What do you usually make your smoothies with?

*some of the items in this post have been sent to me as PR samples 



  1. no takšnega še nisem poskusla. pri meni so ponavadi med sestavinami jagoda(obvezno), pa tudi brez banane ne gre, potem pa kakšna pomaranča, včasih tudi kivi, tudi hruška, potem pa se moja razsežnost eksperimentiranja z okusi konča. bom letos poskusila biti bolj ustvarjalna haha :)


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