Monday, March 16, 2015

Raw Strawberry Cake

I've recently started eating a little bit "healthier" (it's not really going as good as it sounds), so I decided to try out a raw cake recipe. I was looking through a lot of blogs to find a good one, but at the end I really liked the recipe and the photography of a slovenian blog called Teresamisu. The Author is Tereza Poljanič, she basically lives a very healthy lifestyle, and with deliscious recipes and photography, she tries to inspire readers to eat better. She is showing us, how healthy food can also be deliscious.

The recipe that I made is a Raw Strawberry Cake, check it out! The taste is not the same as sugary-white-flour cake would taste like, but it actually tastes good. It is a nice way to gradually erase sugar and all the bad stuff out of your life.

Have a nice day!

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