Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring feeling - affordable beauty

New addition to my nail polish collection is an Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the shade 57 Karl Says Tres Chic. As a true Essie fan, I wanted to branch out a little and try something cheaper and similar in applying. Catrice cosmetics had the shade that I liked, so that is what I went for. For those like myself, who lack patience to wait for the colour to dry, this is a life saver. The end finish is high in shine and the colour is perfect for spring. When it comes to durability, it is said that it lasts 8 days. I wouldn´t say that mine lasted that long. I usually use my hands a lot during the day doing crafts or other things, so my nail polish never stays on as described. As a top coat I tried the Ultra stay & Gel shine top coat. As I´ve said the high shine is definitely achieved but the ultra stay for me isn´t 8 days. This nail polish is perfect, if you don´t like spending much for beauty products. At the moment I´m looking for cheap dupes of products and trying to save some money.
Do you have any good drugstore recommendations?


  1. Tulipancki <3 in prelep odtenek laka! :)

  2. Tale Karl je res prekrasen. <3


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