Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life hacking: Moving to ?

I know I was a little bit M.I.A. this month, in fact I was absent for a bit over a month. I could say I was busy doing things but I feel like this is just an easy excuse for everyone that isn't consistent with something. I know I slacking off! I'll be good and productive this month.
What have I been up to? Finishing my school, working and visiting my parents in Germany. I'm trying to write my diploma, but most of all I am rushing with getting things done, like picking out necessary items to take with me. Where am I going you say? Toronto.

 Don't know if you remember, when I posted about me deciding to move in with my aunt. Things changed a bit, since I was planning to move to Canada in september. The move will be happening earlier know, this sunday to be exact. I'm feeling a mix of excitement and nervs, depending on my mood. But the excitement wins each time! As I have explained before, I'm going there with hopes of finding a job and trying out "the big city life for a while". I have always planned on moving somewhere abroad for a while. I was born in Canada and have a citizenship, so that makes it more convenient. 

First three months I will be staying at my aunt's house, helping her with work and trying to find a JOB!  Then the search for the appartement will start. Hopefully, I will soon find a cheap place to stay for a while. 

You can expect some cool Toronto posts in the future. If you have any questions about the move, feel free to live them in the comments, I will happily reply.

Take care!



  1. Želim ti veliko sreče v Torontu :)

  2. Aaaa, šele danes odkrila tvoj blog... super izgleda :D in veliko sreče pri selitvi in se že veselim novih objav o Torontu ^-^.

    1. Hvala, sem bom potrudila in pripravila kaj zanimivega :)


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