Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 things to do on your own

Since I last spoke to you, I've had an idea to share with you 5 things you can easily do on your own. I feel some people don't even know how to spend time on their own, or they've just ran out of ideas on what to actually do by themselves. There've been many times in my life, when I just had to do things on my own to keep sane and don't miss the awesome days, hiding in my room. Even though at first I felt embarrassed and out of place, after a while you secretly start enjoying moments spent by yourself.

Go for a meal on your own
This was probably the most challenging thing for me, but If you think about it, it's really not a big deal. Your just hungry and want to eat, it's as simple as that. It's all in your head, the sooner you get over it the easier it will get. Now you can call me the queen of solo meals! What makes them so cool is that you don't have to cook and you don't have to share food! :)
Relax in the park
Nature is the best remedy and what's best, about it? You can spend a whole day surrounded with it.  Take a blanket and read, do some exercise or just lay in the sun with your favorite music on.
Read a new magazine and get some inspiration 
Go to a bookstore and find a magazine you never saw before, pick it up and read it. Maybe you'll find your favorite new reading material, get some cool stories and ideas or inspiration.
Visit a local market
Read a newspaper or search it online, and find out where in your town there is a local market or some other temporary market with exotic food, things and finds. Go and enjoy yourself, take some pictures, try some food and smell the spices.
Plan your next trip or your next project
Take a pen and a paper and make a list of places you want to visit or things you want to do. Pick out the most important place or thing to do and start making plans. Dreaming of exciting things always gets me in good mood. Even, If I don't plan on sticking with the adventure, thinking about it does the trick!
Have a nice day!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Felling a bit meeehhh

In last post I covered my first impressions of my move to Toronto and what I am basically doing here and why.

Almost another month has passed and even though right now I'm filling a little bit meeeeh, I think I still got some things done. I was searching for a job quite franticly since I really need money. I definitely didn't come here to sit at home and feel sorry for myself or wait for someone to help me. I went through all the job adverts online, I went outside and literally walked into the shops and restaurants, asking If they're hiring. I sent emails to all the magazines that I liked, If they needed someone (of course, I still don't have my diploma from journalism-hoping to finish it in December!) without a diploma. I went on a couple of interviews (more specifically 6), I probably sent about 3 job emails per day in the last two months. I started baby-sitting a neighbor's 8 year old son (I always somehow find someone who needs a baby sitter, since I really enjoy doing that and can actually earn some money with that). I on occasion still work for my aunt and I started working for a very nice coffee shop|bakery, where the interior is so nice I would actually move there. I don't know why but this is already my second job at a bakery. For know I'm quite new but I really enjoy working there, even though it is not something that I imagine doing for the next  5 years, it is definitely a nice place to start, especially since I don't really now what I want form life. I'm definitely not a person who would want an office job from 9-5, so that is why I wasn't really looking for something like that. I rather work with people or  do something crafty, then insert data and fill out forms all day. I'm working in a nice place with cakes and great people, while learning latte art, which I have always wanted to master. That is all when it comes to my job, I found IT!

I was also looking for an apartment, at the beginning of October I'm starting my course and my aunt and her boyfriend are moving away, so I wanted to find something before the October craziness begins. As I've said I don't have money to rent a whole apartment on my own, at least not know, so the only thing that was possible for my pocket was to find a room in a shared apartment or house. I was looking for something inexpensive and in a cool-nice area. Luckily, I started to baby-sit and the woman liked me so much that she offered me a place to stay.  No rent, just occasional baby-sitting! It sounds weird when I say woman, because she is actually a friend of my aunt's. She is so down to earth and nice, and also I get along well with her son (playing video games, finally payed off). For me this was such a nice gesture form them and I'm very grateful. I have a place to stay from october on, until I find something on my own later on. This will be a chance for me to safe money and live without constant stress. A place to live in - checked!

The reason why I'm felling so meeeeh, is because for two months I have been doing all the things on my own and getting to know the place, I still have a lot to see and do. But now, that I've done the important things, I don't know what to do with myself. Don't get me wrong I still go and do stuff everyday, but what I want to say is, that it doesn't fell like a city I'm living in yet. I don't fell at home here. I usually connect home with the people and not so much with a place. When we are living, we always have a routine or at least we know how we are, who we are, and what we do. Here I don't have that yet, so sometimes it fells like I'm just on an extended stay here. Probably it's just because I need time to really start doing what I came here to do, and things will fall into place.

At the end things always fall into place.

my current mood


Monday, August 3, 2015

A month of first impressions

A month has passed, since my move to Toronto.

When it comes to living in Canada, I'm quite lucky to be Canadian, which means I didn't have any problems, with taking care of the basic things (bank, social insurance, health insurance and work permit). probably it wouldn't be so easy to get the basic stuff sorted without having a passport or some kind of canadian ID.

As much as I would love to say that everything was easy, I can't. I still didn't find a job. I'm not looking for anything specific, since I'm planning on going to school for Make-up later in October, but I still need a frequent money income. Otherwise I won't be able to live here. I'm looking for anything right now, from coffee shops to retail stores that would hire me. For now, I had some interviews but nothing that would be worth it. I was again lucky to get some work this month, since my aunt is an artist\fabricator and she had some work for me. As the job is done now, my savings are running out and in a city that isn't cheap, that can be easy.

After october I will have to find a place to live in and the rents here are freaking hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Hopefully since then I will be able to find work and a "cheap" place to rent. I'm not expecting my own apartment, rather a small room that I will be afford to rent for the time being.

On a happier note I looooove the city. I really feel like I could live here for a while. I'm in my twenties and a life in the bigger city than Kranj or Ljubljana is much more exciting and can offer me a better quality of life. I'm used to nature and peace, but both of the two things I ca also find here in Toronto.

I think I'm going to compare life in Slovenia and in Canada from my perspective, i don't know yet what I will be comparing. I was thinking of writing about food, money, people, nature, shopping, events, ... if anyone has any other ideas, let me know!
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