Sunday, September 20, 2015

Autumn fever or why I love fall


Cooler weather which means longer sleeves, cozier sweaters, scented candles and a bunch of spices that give our lattes flavour and make our days sweeter. The fall is finally here! My favourite season, not just because of my birthday but also due to the fact it is like a second New year. The year turns (at least for me) when the trees drop all of their leaves, which always translates as me releasing all my worries in autumn and starting to plan new adventures. Okay, enough of my melodramatic thoughts,..., let me focus more on what I was actually trying to say.
After trying to adjust to my life here and finding my MOJO, I'm finally settling down and getting excited for upcoming things. I can't wait to start school, I'm loving my job and enjoying the city. I have so many ideas and plans now, that I don't even now what to do first. Even though I'm quite busy, and am only off Wednesdays and Thursdays, keeping busy always puts me in such a good mood. Being productive with my time is something I always strive for.
In fall I usually get in my zone. Summer really isn't my thing. I mean who likes excessively sweating, showing of their legs and always looking like a burnt weirdo with a body that is always in "getting ready for summer" mode, but never actually gets there? No, thank you. Autumn, yup, autumn is when come in my own. Cover my body with cardigans, layers and, blankets and give me a cup tea, turn on my favourite TV series and let me be. The nature gets prettier and autumn walks are the best. Baking and eating get the attention that they need. Though this year I'll really try and not to eat too much (never ending resolution). This fall my focus will be on still trying to find the perfect shade of berry read lipstick, that isn't to red nor to purple. To master the cozy/homeless layered look that some people just rock. To possibly by a hat (again) and wear it without worrying, if other people are looking at me. To really join the gym for autumn/winter and going at least twice a week. To save as much money as I can. Please my money gods be good to me! Last but not least important - to do as much new things and learn something new.
I hope that all of you are as excited as I am for fall, even though I don't know who all of you are, since the only one I know who is reading this is my mum. So mum I hope your excited. If there's anyone else, I hope you enjoying it too. If it's just mum here, I'm fine with that too!

Have a nice day!



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  2. It's not only your mom, you have had another reader since the summer :-)


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