Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The 70s revisited

I know that fashion and trends repeat. But why ooh why, did we have to go back to the 70s? I don't know if you love the 70s trend in shops right now or if you're in the same boat as I am.
I'm not going to the shops as regularly as I did before. But last week I got that spending feeling again and went inside to look at new collections and maybe buy myself something nice. I ended up living empty handed, which is something totally new for me. I'm not saying that  I'm really not buying anything at all, there still are pieces and looks from the 70s that I'm gladly incorporating into my wardrobe. I don't like yellow as a colour and it took me a while to become more open to wearing different shades of yellow (more toned down), but now the high-street is just overflowing with the "diarrhea" yellow (which in fact isn't such a bad colour, but it's everywhere). Diarrhea there, diarrhea here! I remember when I was young and the coolest thing was if you wore a wide-legged jean. If it started to rain the jeans would get totally soaked to your knees but that still didn't bother us. Then when I got to high school, we tossed all of our flared jeans away and adopted "the skinny jeans" trend and we all couldn't imagine going back to the wide-legged jeans again. Well I still can't! Some women just pull them off so well, but I just can't seem to have a body type for the style of them. Having said that, I just don't feel like the 70s trend suits me, as I said the yellow colour makes my pale skin look even yellower. Wearing flares, would be the last thing I would go for. The fringed jackets just make me look like an out of place hippy. The only thing that I've noticed and is really starting to grow on me is the bohemian side of the 70s. The long blouses and shirts, the maxi-s, and the over the shoulder peasant blouses. A-line skirts can also be very flattering for my body shape. So don't you worry, I'm still spending money for clothes. I haven't changed just yet. Whatever fashion throws at me, it seems I can still find something I like. Even though I don't feel like dressing as Annie Hall tomorrow, a little bit of a modern Jane Birkin is the look I'm  going for. You wish, Nina!
My love for Zara is never-ending <3

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