Saturday, September 26, 2015

Things I wish I'd knew before I moved out on my own for the first time

This title actually isn't right. It should have been something like: Things I wish I'd knew before my parents moved out. In my case at least. For those of you, who have been reading this blog, or those of you who know me, this probably makes sense, since you know that my parents moved away when I was sixteen. But just now, I'm actually thinking about, what that had taught me about life and me in general. Since moving to Canada myself and again living at someones place, I can't help but think that I would prefer living on my own again. Don't get me wrong it's a great to live with someone you like to hang out with and it's great for you financially (shared expenses), but once you get the freedom of living totally on your own and just minding your own business, you can't really go back.  Snacking whenever you want, wearing whatever you want, even if that means wearing pajamas to buy groceries, because you just felt like it. Watching whatever you want. Talking to yourself, if necessary of course. Listening to music as loud as you want and singing. Going out at weird times and basically not caring about a thing. Cooking whatever you want, eating burnt food from you lunch experiment. Obscenely crying when watching a movie about dogs or babies. Having your friends over even if just for five minutes at the time, throughout the whole day - that is some quality time. Not bothering to pick up snow in front of the driveway in winter, and just lifting your knees more for three months. That actually benefits you and makes you do some cardio work before going anywhere. Doing whatever weird thing you want and then acting normal when you live your house and run into neighbors. Because in your world that is just how it is.

Back to the point. Here's what I learned living on my own:
1. I am not normal - this probably doesn't stand for everyone. I'm not saying that when you're going to move out on your own, you'll realize your weird too. But with some people, including me, that will definitely be the case. If you start acting like a freak when you are alone, your probably the same.
2. I will never ever again be able to live with your parents - even if you were able to leave with them for your whole life, the moment you step outside the door into the freedom of your own being. You will never, EVER, be able to adjust to their way of living. Everyone as their own routine and you will soon develop your own.
3. Learn new skills - from pluming, wifi restarting, cooking, cleaning, ... I learned a lot of valuable skills, that I can use in real life situations.
4. Know your money - knowing your money is soooo important. Saving your income for necessary things like food and toilet paper, becomes something totally normal.
5. Don't forget the keys - unfortunately everyone learns this the hard way!
6. Don't buy everything - i had to learn this the hard way, thank you to my sister, for always being so organized with her money, that I could borrow from here in those early months of independence.
7. Cleaning supplys are freaking expensive - go to number 4.
8. Steal, beg and borrow - metaphorically of course ;)
9. It's not a movie - no it's not like an episode of friends, but it still is so much fun
10. When your sick you still have to go shop grocerries - no one is going to get you a blanket and a cup of tea, you will just have to stand up and do it on your own, lazy!
11. When your not feeling yourself outfits don't matter - I would love to see a collection of outfits that I wore when feeling sad, sorry or just funny. It came to a point where I took the garbage out wearing a S.W.A.T. helmet, just because I felt like it.
12. Motivate yourself to go to school - maybe you are a wonder-child like some people I know and just love going to school. But believe me at sixteen the last thing I wanted to do was go to school. The best advice I can give you is ... I'm sorry, thank good I'm not in your shoes anymore.

Didn't know exactly what kind of photos would fit this theme, so I just decided to go with some home decor photos from my Pinterest page. For all of you who don't bother reading this crap and rather skip to the photo material, here you go:
I know, I know, but a girl can dream!


  1. Se poistovetim s čisto vsemi alinejami :D

    Svoboda, ki jo imaš, ko živiš zase je pa res neverjetna, ne zamenjam je za popolnoma nič. Čeprav sva s fantom tri leta živela z zelo, zelo omejenimi financami, ne bi šla nikoli več nazaj k staršem :)

    Super objava in lep vikend ti želim! :)

    1. Hvala, lep vikend tudi tebi :) brez nadzora starsev seveda ;)

  2. Love it! go girl. You're brave, interesting and beautiful!
    Love u, miss u. :*

  3. I'm totally with you Nina. Been there done that :-)

  4. Popolnoma se strinjam z zgornjim zapisom. Tudi sama komaj čakam, da se izselim (kar upam, da bo v letu 2016), ravno zaradi zgoraj omenjenih razlogov, da ko živiš sam imaš neomejeno svobodo. :) (Tamara)


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