Friday, October 30, 2015

From a cast away to crickets

I'm baaaaaaaack :) wohoooo. All the gadgets have finally found their new home in my bedroom and are going to be living here happily ever after or at least untill their lives will be cut short because of over straining the computer sistem with data. That means I'll be more active and frequent with my posts. Wooop woooop! Let's try with two posts a week. I have so many things to tell you about and many fun new ideas on the topics that I'll share here. From moving to beauty and make-up to general life stuff, to missing my slovenian homies and buying new things. I'm slowly starting to bulid a normal life here, which is now portraited as me overcrowding my room with things that I need and sleeping with books on my bed, because I'm lacking time and space for a good clean up. My room has become a very popular storage, dinning room, coffee shop, wardrobe, hostel with make -up and brushes all over the place since it is my most important possesion at the moment. At least it's all school supplies :) For now the only thing to have clothes on is a white clothing rack that I bought in Ikea and could barely fit in my room, which cannot even be seen out of piles and piles of clothes randomly thrown over it. Oh yeah and did I tell you that my room is now also room for a couple of crickets that escaped from the terrarium. Bassically we just bougth a bearded dragon called King Gunther and because he's still very young we're feeding him live worms and cricekts. It happend that the terrarium wasn't closed properly and they all escaped to my room. The cat killed most of them but some managed to escape in the basement, so now whenever I'm watching Netflix in the basement, I have a very nice background noise. At least it reminds me of family trips to Croatian coast. As you've probably noticed I'm doing a little update today, before starting with normal posts, just to let you know what's been happening. What else...? Nothing important or at least I can't think of anything else right now.

a bit blury photo of me eating a taco (at least it's something)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cast Away

Right now, this moment, I'm lying in my bed after I've been working the whole day. A dog called Frida that also lives with the people I'm staying with is finally starting to trust me, so she's on my bed sleeping and waiting for her real owner to come back from her weekend trip. I'm totally exhausted and I know, I'll have to wake up in 7 hours and 20 minutes, because I already set up my alarm clock for tomorrow morning (5.30AM), again work. If you were wondering why I haven't posted anything, which you probably weren't, since you definitely forgot about me, let me tell you why. I don't have a computer anymore. I was using my aunt's computer for a month and a half because, I have never in my life owned a computer. I know this sounds crazy in 21st century but I just had a tablet or I borrowed it from my sister. Now the charger for my tablet stopped working and I can't be bothered to buy a new one, since the tablet is not a computer and I can't do anything with it. I'm telling you this, just because I want to promise that as soon as I get the computer that my mum now sent from home (my sister's, with all the cool programs and stuff), I will start to post regularly and posts will definitely be more interesting.
The computer I'm writing with right now is a computer I snatched from the woman I live with, since she is not home today :)
Even though I moved away almost four months ago now, I still don't have everything that I need, but I'm getting there. I figured that I'm really missing all the technological things that I had in my house before, like printer, computer, camera etc. For now I'm just using my phone and it's just not the same as on a bigger screen. 
I started school last week, but I'll tell you more about it in another post. For now I just wanted to explain myself. I'm working everyday, going to school everyday and have no time or gadgets to stay connected with the internet or my blog, which basically became my diary, without writing my thoughts down on a piece of paper. So that's all for today because I'm getting tired and have an early start of the day in the morning. I'll probably check in again, when I get my computer, since I'll have to give this one back tomorrow :( speak to you soon, in a week or so. 

No photo material today, so imagine some nice and colorful images of pumpkins, leaves and cinnamon sticks :)
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