Thursday, December 3, 2015

Brand New December - december days 1,2,3

Ooops, ignore my last post when I was eagerly letting you know about all my ideas and new posts coming up. I know what happened. NOVEMBER happended! The craziest, busiest, and very tiring month. Juggling school and work everyday led to me not having a single day off. A month went buy so quickly that I can't even recall when I last had a walk in the park. The only thing that was happening was me making coffees and eating to much pastries and doing make up every single day :) I've finished my first course yesterday and I'm kind of sad that I won't be doing make up everyday until the middle of January, when my next class starts. But at least I'll have two days a week off to do whatever I want. December is already here and I hope we don't get snow yet, since I'm still trying to prepare for Canadian winter that everybody is talking about. In december I'll focus more on my work and spare time and of course holidays. I'll try and make the most out of the two free days a week and I'll try and keep on top of cleaning :)! With more time to do things I hope I'll feel more inspired to write on here. Since in November I didn't have a clue what to write about. I enjoy writing about everyday things way more than I did before, when I tried to keep this blog more beauty/fashion oriented. I hate doing reviews and I feel like that is the most boring and not ME thing out of all. I do make up now everyday and the last thing I won't is to write about it at home. I love doing it in real life but here I want to keep on writing about nothing in particular, as funny as this sounds.

So december started and so did the abnormal quantity of people doing vlogmas, blogmas and christmas themed things. I've already missed the beginning  but let's say I'll summarize it all in today's post. Day one of december was my first day off school. My aunt came to Toronto and we went to ikea to buy a couple of things she needed. After that I came home and tiredly crashed in my bed because I knew the next morning would be an early start of the day due to my work schedule. December 2. was a normal work day. At work we started a bet for december month that no one is allowed to buy lunch, we all have to bring it from home. Since we are all spending a little to much on food every single day. When I came home I went straight to the post office, because I got an unexpected package from my mum. Which contained a lot of christams treats my advent calendar and some other things. So very sentimental and nostalgic, since it's the first chirstmas I won't be spending in Germany with my family. We usually go all out for christmas with food, decorations, and planned everyday trips that I will definitely be missing home this year. But this package brought me an evening of the christmas that I will be missing.

The advent calendar is from a coffee shop that me and my mum always go to when I'm there. Whenever you orther a drink you can choose from their deliscious pralines. So she sent me a whole advent calendar with pralines. Everyday a different one. Here comes christmas :)

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