Friday, December 4, 2015

December day 4 - Life as a server

As promised I'm trying to be really on top of this, even if that means not sleeping or waking up early to write something. To force myself to document things in december, I'm bringing my camera everywhere. I'll be consistent with december blogs, and will not get embarassed by my bad photography skills, since the lighting in my house when I get home is almost non-existent. 
I never thought that I will ever be a barrista or work in retail, because my people skills aren't as good as I would want them to be. I'm the person that never knows what to say first or will say something really akward that no-one will get. Even worse, I never hear what customers are saying, and if they try to be funny I always just stare and smile. But I've become quite good at it now. More than greeting and  interacting with customers, I enjoy making coffee. My hand's are dry but who cares! I'm now even more addicted to coffee and making it is even more pleasant than drinking it. It gets even cooler when I tell you I have my own Italian espresso machine at home. So everyday as soon as I get the chance I enjoy the most beautiful cup of coffee,instead of the disgusting turkish coffee that I use to make at home. I'm not saying that any turkish coffee is bad, that was just mine. Always burnt and very bitter, Each time I'd make it, I of course forgot to turn the gas off, so it would overflow and the damage was done. Every single day!

What I was trying to say is that working as a barrista is a job that everyone should try at least once. It's not a job that I want to keep, and that means there is no responsibilites what so ever. Meaning that when I finish my work, I don't think about it untill the next time I'm working again. Technically I'm now thinking about it, but it's only because I don't know what to write today, since I didn't do anything special. For now I make enough money, tips are okay and I've bulit a huge wall to keep me away from all the bulls**t customers are trying to throw at me :) It's something else working at quite a posh area, where people are expected to be served left, right and center. That also means you run into a lot, and when I'm saying a lot, I mean a loooooooooot of WEIRDOOOOOS!
Things that probably will happen in your barrista life:
  • a customer asking for a latte with extra milk 
  • a customer asking for iced drinks during christmas season
  • a customer asking for iced water with extra ice
  • a customer asking for a double espresso in a medium cup, when you know they are going to grab milk at the condiment bar to make themselve a drink
  • an impatient customer that can't  wait in line and gives you the death stares from the back
  • a customer that spends half an hour explaining what kind of drink they want (non-fat, less sugar, decaff,..BLA, BLA BLA) and then they order a slice of cake on the side
  • a customer ordering a starbucks drink when they're clearly not at starbucks
  • a customer that invents a drink name, and then looks at you with a face of despair when you don't now how to make a grand mocha jettachinno !?!
  • a customer that doesn't end a conversation on the phone while ordering -That's just rude!
  • a customer that tells you the exact temperature they want their milk to be steamed to
  • a customer that tells you, you made the wrong drink, but you now you didn't
  • a customer that points at a specific cookie that they want  - like it's adopting their child, not ordering a cookie
  • a customer that interprets you being nice, because you have to, for you liking them more than other customers
39 Devastating Moments In The Life Of A Barista

I hope you all had a nice day, I'm starting to get really sleepy and I had to restart the internet three times already to upload this. I hope tomorrow I'll have something more exciting to share with you. To all of you barristas out there I tell only one thing - hang in there!


  1. Nina, I love your writing and am surprised that you think your people skills are subpar. Come to Wisconsin. I really want to try your triple, Katie

    1. Hi, Katie! I'm glad your enjoying my blog posts. I would love to come to Wisconsin and I'm sure next year after christmas, I'll try and visit. Would love to see everyone again, and of course the new edition to the family!


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